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If you want to search for the list of travel agencies in Michigan, you can do a Google search and arrive at the best travel agencies near you. One of the best travel agencies isĀ 7 seas Travels. It is among the best travel agencies in Michigan, operating since 1964.

It has a travel experience of around 50 years in the countries like Las Vegas, Mexican Alaskan South Pacific, South American cruises, and Hawaiian travel.

Services provided

  • Travel agents
  • Domestic and air ticketing agents
  • Your packages
  • Air ticketing agents
  • International air ticketing agents
  • Domestic tour operators
  • Domestic tour packages.

Modes of payment

Cash, debit cards, MasterCard, Visa Cards, and Credit cards are used as payment modes for the products or services provided

Working Hours

Monday to Friday from 9AM – 6PM.

Saturday 10AM – 2PM. Sunday closed


You can contact me at 1586 775 7300 and also email at

Why choose us?

  • If you want to be in contact during the journey with your friends, business family, and loved ones, you will have to buy a USA sim card that provides unlimited data services and calls throughout the journey.
  • It provides service categories, including reservation and management of tickets, lodging searches, car rentals, etc.
  • It assists passengers in emergencies like accidents, illness, lost documents, repatriation because of illness, lost luggage, etc.
  • It also offers special Deals And discounts.
  • It also provides consultation services like providing information to the Travellers who are of their interest, cost control, cost Optimisation, advising on travel policies, etc.
  • It is also beneficial in preparing travel policies for companies, like rules regarding expenses management, etc., and effective Commission to employees due to its experience.
  • It uses the latest technology in ticket accommodations, billing management and locating travelers in most situations.
  • It fulfilled its commitment to the client once upon the journey; it remained in contact with the customers till the end of the trip.


If you need to travel alone or with your family leisurely and inexpensively, you can contact the 7 seas travel agency, which will cater to all your requirements in the best possible way.