How to buy a house

Kentucky Sell Now buys homes statewide. They buy houses in Richmond for cash. Don’t waste time on realtors or repairs. They are there to help, not haggle over house costs. They treat you with respect and help you sell your Richmond house fast. Get a no-obligation, competitive house offer. Check to see whether they can send you money soon! Visit

Kentucky sells now buy Houses in Richmond, KY In All Situations

Over the years, Kentucky sells now found many reasons homeowners need to sell their homes. Whether the house is from an inheritance or you’ve recently gone through a divorce, they can take place off your hands fast!

Avoiding foreclosure

High property taxes, a potential auction, and a mortgage default?

Inherited a house

Before the conclusion of the probate process, do you need to sell an inherited home or parcel of land?


Are you relocating for a job and need to sell your house quickly for cash?

Going through divorce

Are you going through a divorce and want to sell your home or land to speed up the process?

Tired of being a landlord

Are you done with renters that are late with payments and damage your rental properties?

We Buy Houses for Cash in Richmond

There are many ways to sell your home. However, there are three significant advantages to working with a cash-for-houses firm like Kentucky Sell Now. No repairs. No agents. No fees.

No Repairs

Solving issues is necessary to get your house ready to be listed for sale. Many homeowners need more time to wait around for unreliable contractors or solve problems for months at a time. They never ask you to repair it. No matter the condition, they will buy your home and make those improvements after the final sale.

No Agents

A realtor will work on commission and bill you more money. Get a quick offer for your house before agreeing to a contract with an agent. They don’t have any inspections, open houses, or backup plans. They pay cash for your home and won’t haggle over the price.

No Uncertainties

Don’t wait months for the sale to complete. When you make an offer, they close on your preferred day. Get fast cash for your house. In many cases, they can close in as little as seven days.