sell your house

Selling a house can be a headache as you need to know the buyers’ desires, aspirations, or budgets. You can, to the last extent, post your house ad for sale on an online real estate selling website; other than that, you can contact your neighbors to know if they or their relatives, friends, or anyone they know wants to rent or buy the house or not. But this whole process will take three or six months; if you are in bad luck might shift to 1 year, and sometimes you don’t get the desired amount you want to sell the house for. For all this hustle-bustle, you are recommended to take help from a local real estate company in your state, Signature Properties. To get further details about their way of working, contact them by visiting their official website,

Doug owns this company. The headquarters of this company is located in East Norris Street, Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States of America. To contact them, call them at their provided phone number or fill up the cash offer form where you need to fill up your property or house that you will sell, your contact number, and your email address. They provide a service that they buy and sell houses all over the United States of America. They are licensed and government-registered agents.


  1. They provide desired and actual value per the market and per square feet range as decided by the government land registration office for your area.
  2. They do not get any of your property information leaked to other real estate brokers or agents.
  3. They don’t ask for extra charges for the repair cost, commission, service cost, etc.
  4. They pay the value of your money directly to your bank account.

Cost of houses or apartments in Philadelphia-

  • A house of 1110 square feet consisting of 3 beds and two baths costs $ 299900
  • A house of 944 square feet consisting of 2 beds and two baths costs $ 270000
  • A house of 1700 square feet of 4 beds and two baths costs $ 379900

To conclude, the real estate company is famous and trustworthy in the Philadelphia region.