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The cast of Rendagam

The action drama movie Rendagam has been directed by the talented Fellini T.P. The excellent stars who have been cast in the movie are Arvind Swamy, Kunchao Boban, Jackie Shroff, Eesha Rebba and Aadukaalam Naren.

The plot of Rendagam

The storyline of the movie Rendagam is about a man named. In the movie, it is noticed that Kunchacko Boban is a jobless youth who has made elaborate plans to fly out of the country along with his girlfriend named, Eesha Rebba. However, to make sure that his plan follows through and in order to fund his escaping plans, he is required to take up a suspicious job from a mysterious man.

Kunchacko Boban takes up the job from a dreaded underworld don who is known as Arwind Swami. Watch the movie Rendagam to learn what happens next and if Kunchacko Boban is able to secure the fund.

What to expect from Rendagam

The movie Rendagam begins with a setup that dates back to the year 2020. All throughout the movie, the viewers are constantly attached to the screen as the movie contains several intriguing twists that create a tense movement. However, the director places all these tense moments strategically in such a manner that the viewers keep wanting more. The narration that is done throughout the movie is greatly presented to the viewers.

The movie Rendagam has been excellently well written; therefore, it makes sure that the viewers do not feel a gap in understanding the perspective.

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