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Real estate agents and cash house buyers are two options for selling a property, and each has its pros and cons. For more clarity, you can go through this website https://www.webuyhouses-7.com/new-york/we-buy-homes-syracuse-ny/. Here’s a comparison of both:

  1. Speed of Sale: Cash house buyers typically purchase properties much faster than real estate agents. Cash buyers can often close the sale within a matter of days, while a sale with a real estate agent can take several months to complete.
  2. Convenience: Cash buyers offer a convenient option for homeowners who need to sell their property quickly where the seller doesn’t have to worry about marketing the property, showing it to potential buyers, or making repairs or renovations. On the other hand, a real estate agent will require the seller to prepare the property for sale, work with potential buyers, and complete all necessary paperwork.
  3. Price: A real estate agent can help the seller to get the best price for their property, as they will work to market the property to a wide range of potential buyers. On the other hand, cash buyers will typically offer a lower price for the property, as they are looking for a quick and profitable sale.
  4. Fees and Commissions: Real estate agents charge a commission on the sale of the property, typically around 6% of the final sale price. On the other hand, cash buyers do not charge fees or commissions, which can make selling to a cash buyer a more financially attractive option for some sellers. You can visit this website to know more about it https://www.mobile-home-buyers.com/new-york/sell-my-mobile-home-syracuse-ny/.
  5. Control over the Sale: Selling through a real estate agent gives the seller more control over the sale, as they can choose the price, the marketing strategy, and the final terms of the sale. With a cash buyer, the seller typically has less control over the sale, as the buyer will decide on the price and terms.


Cash buyers offer a convenient and fast option for selling a property, but typically at a lower price than selling through a real estate agent. Real estate agents offer more control over the sale but can be a slower and more complicated process. The best option will depend on the seller’s priorities and needs, such as speed, convenience, and the final sale price.