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Energy Choice is a tool that assists Pennsylvania residents select an electric supplier. It’s a competitive market that allows you to compare plans and rates. You can also search for natural gas and green energy. The PA Office of Consumer Advocate can help you learn more about the process.

All electricity used to be generated, distributed and transmitted by public utilities. Consumers are now able to choose their energy provider because of the deregulation. This means you can get a lower price for your natural gas or electricity.

If you are a commercial or residential customer, you can choose either a fixed or variable rate plan. Your energy consumption as well as other factors are taken into account by the provider you choose.

In addition to selecting the right plan, you can change your provider if you don’t like the conditions of your current contract. Some plans allow cancellation without penalty, while others may charge an additional fee. You may be charged a higher price if your energy usage is greater. To determine if you should change providers, you can get estimates from a variety of providers.

You can sign up online or over the phone to sign up for an upgrade to a plan. You should know that most plans require credit checks. You may also be eligible to receive promotional rates with lower rates. These can be fraudulent. You might be better off using a variable rate plan that can adjust based on the market conditions and your energy consumption.

In the wake of the Energy Choice program, more than 1.5 million households and 300,000 businesses in Pennsylvania are able to choose their electric suppliers. This is important because it allows consumers to access a competitive energy market.

The electricity market in the state has been highly competitive since the state’s deregulation of the market in 1996. Competitive retailers offer a wide range of service plans, including renewable energy. A plan that is supportive of renewable energy projects may help consumers lower their energy bills.

Pennsylvania’s deregulated market is one of the most competitive in the nation. It lets you choose from the top providers and lower your electric bill. With more competition it will allow you to pick a better price.

Market regulation in Pennsylvania has resulted in consumers saving more than $3 billion. Before Energy Choice, the energy sector was controlled by public utilities. They charged customers for their energy consumption. Public utilities were responsible for producing, distributing and billing customers. They also had the responsibility of reading meters and responding to emergencies.

It is important to establish your electric service once you move to a different location. Be sure to select an experienced provider. It doesn’t matter if require a plan that is compatible with renewable power or a fixed rate one, it’s a good idea look around for the best price.

You should choose an electric provider if are planning to move to Pennsylvania. Make sure that you pay your first bill in full and you’re aware of the terms of your contract.

When you’re deciding on your final option while you’re making your final decision, you can learn more about Pennsylvania’s unregulated energy market by visiting the PA Power Switch Office of Consumer Advocate. Their shopping guides and price comparison charts can help you make an informed choice.