selling your property

You should especially be wary of those interested parties with supposedly unbeatable offers, which lead the seller to neglect all other offers and concentrate entirely on the highest offer. It is not uncommon for the interested party to change strategy at a later date and start re-discussing the price just before drawing up the public deed. Ultimately, these potential buyers either back out or force the seller to accept too low a selling price.

Often those who want to sell a house first scan the circle of friends and acquaintances to see if there is anyone interested. Often, however, inhibitions take over that prevent you from getting the best price when selling to relatives or acquaintances. After all, you certainly don’t want to risk a friendship. Once the sale is complete, however, the worm creeps in many: perhaps the property was sold below cost

Even owners who personally post a listing for their property often sell below market value. The reason: many of them accept the first best offer without waiting if any other potential interested parties are willing to raise.

For private sellers it is equally difficult to organize a sale to the highest bidder. Some sellers have too fragile nerves and, upon request, immediately lower the price. The process of selling to the highest bidder is only recommended for properties located in highly sought-after areas, as it could discourage potential buyers.

Owners wishing to sell their property at the best price should consider hiring a real estate agent, whether the sale is in their own circle of acquaintances or on the open market. In both cases, the chances of getting a better price increase.

Preparations for the real estate sale

Before the first interested parties arrive, the owners have to “prepare” their property for sale. You have to put everything in order in view of the visits or empty the house completely, and everything must also be very clean. Freshly painted walls, clean windows and a well-kept garden also contribute to a good impression.

To sell your property it is not necessary to make large investments in modernization, renovation or renovation. Generally, these expenses do not generate additional profit and are often unnecessary, because the future owners prefer to adapt the property according to their tastes.