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When you fail to pay a parking ticket on time, the fee normally increases. When it comes to speeding and other traffic violations, the punishment usually increases if you don’t pay by the due date. Unpaid moving violations, on the other hand, can lead to far more serious issues. Moving infraction tickets often include a court date. In general, you can avoid going to court if you pay your fine before the court date. When you skip your court date, though, a ticket can become quite inconvenient, so you can choose¬†st louis traffic lawyers

If the motorist does not pay the fee or appear in court by the due date, the court will usually issue a Failure to Appear (FTA) notice. When a court issues an FTA, the motorist is normally required to appear in court to address the ticket. Paying via mail or the internet may no longer be an option. However, each state’s laws are distinct. So, if you know the court issued an FTA, you should contact the court immediately or speak with an attorney in your region about the process for dealing with the FTA.

Suspension of License

An unresolved FTA will usually result in the driver’s license being suspended until the FTA and ticket are settled. Suspension does not usually occur when the court grants the FTA, but it will occur if the driver does not take measures to address the matter. Additionally, driving after being suspended might result in further suspension and jail time.

hiring a lawyer

Warrants for Arrest

In rare cases, failing to attend or pay a fine might result in the judge issuing an arrest warrant for the motorist. If you are aware that you have an arrest warrant, you should consult with an attorney to determine the best course of action. In most cases, it is feasible to resolve a warrant without having to go to jail.

New felony charges

A motorist can be prosecuted by st louis traffic lawyers with a criminal for failing to appear in court, which does not usually occur. Whereas a traffic violation is usually an infraction, an FTA charge is usually a misdemeanor criminal crime that can result in jail time.