Residential Real Estate Developer so Important

It is although not a well-known fact, but something you must know about Thailand is that the only type of property foreigner legally can own in Thailand is a condominium. That implies to own a property that is 100% completely in your own name, something alike back home maybe. Being able to make legal and protected investments is one of the major reasons why people for two decades have been investing in Thailand’s property.

Here are the top reasons why you should buy a Cape Coral condo for sale 

·         Freehold – Although, already mentioned we would like to remind you that one of the ways to invest your money in Thailand is to own a freehold property, a condo which is completely legal.

·         Easy Sale – A condo which is under a foreigner’s name will not be treated any different from others who are under the locals’ name. You can easily buy or sell the condos to the locals or to the foreigners.

·         Repatriation of funds – Earnings from a condo sale can easily be sent back to your country home without any hassles.

·         Market Growth – The real estate market in Cape Coral is increasing rapidly due to the increasing interests of the locals and the foreigners in the property and investment in the market. Since three years, condos have been the preferred property investment for people from various countries like China, Hong Kong, and other Asian countries expanding the market further and supporting price growth.

·         Investment Return – The rental market here is afloat and some of the developers offer at least 5-8% guaranteed rental returns.

·         Security – You can have peace of mind by knowing that all the latest build condos have key card access, security cameras and other measures to ensure the security. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a condo in It might prove beneficial to you in the future. The pre-construction strategies involve surveying the types of houses people prefer to live in, facilities that they want, preferred quality of material to be used, kind of interiors they want and many other things related to the construction and aesthetics of the house.