A flower wreath is a symbol of beauty and used in many occasions. The circle in the wreath symbolizes the cycle of life and to compliment this cycle, flowers are typically put on the wreath to make it more appealing to the eyes.

Of course, there is no set standard on how to make your wreath; that is up to your own discretion- you could even call it a day and just look for “wreath delivery singapore” in Google. However, if you do want to go through the effort of making your own, there are some flowers that are mostly used by florists in their wreathes because of the meanings they hold. Let’s see some of them, shall we?

1.  Roses

The very famous flower that everyone uses. Roses, who are known for their iconic shape and various colors are a top choice for many florists. Red, for example, symbolizes love and passion, while white is for purity. Try putting these flowers in your wreath and watch it transform into something that is truly timeless!

2.  Lilies

Lilies, with their beautiful look and appealing smell, are another favorite choice for wreaths. These flowers represent purity, rejuvenation, and the spiritual journey beyond life. Whether it’s the traditional white Easter lily or the vivid colors of Asiatic lilies, wreaths are imbued with a feeling of calm and respect.

3.  Daisies

Daisies arealso a good choice when picking flowers to put into your wreath tbecause these flowers symbolize new beginnings and purity. This is a good option for events that celebrate the start of a new chapter such as weddings or baby showers.

4.  Tulips

Tulips, which symbolize love and, for some reason, rebirth, provide freshness and vibrancy to wreaths. Tulips come in a variety of colors, each with its own meaning, and add diversity and appeal to wreath designs, whether they’re a fiery red for passion or a delicate pink for compassion.

5.  Carnations

Because these flowers are made available in a lot of colors, florists love using them. Also, their ruffled petals and longevity make them the perfect choice when trying to make wreaths! They mostly symbolize affection and sincerity so these are perfect weddings and anniversaries!


When creating your flower wreath, consider the symbolism and value of each bloom, selecting those that correspond to the event or mood you want to portray. Whether it’s a celebration of life, a symbol of remember, or a gesture of thanks, the proper flowers may transform your wreath into a genuinely significant work of art.