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More couples today want to have a grand wedding ceremony. They want to be the most beautiful bride, and to make it happen is to wear the most beautiful wedding gown. However, not all brides want a wedding gown inspired by a princess gown. Instead, they want to wear a simple and fitted gown, making them look simple and respected.

The wedding dresses inĀ cheongsam rental singapore are iconic masterpieces with a touch of Chinese fashion.

What does a Chinese fashion wedding dress look like?

If you are thinking of wearing a Chinese-style wedding dress, you can look for numerous ideas on Chinese wedding dresses. Wedding dresses can be inspired by different styles that are suited to every taste of a bride-to-be.

Wedding Cheongsam

Cheongsam is the most popular choice for brides who wear a Chinese wedding dress for a cheongsam or qipao. It is a very popular choice in China and for Chinese-American brides abroad or those who marry a Chinese partner.

Here is the reason why Cheongsam is an option for most Chinese brides:

  • form-fitting
  • iconic dress in Chinese fashion

When speaking of wedding Cheongsam, there are various choices. Since it is a wedding, a bride would opt for a formal fabric, such as:

  • silk
  • brocade
  • lace

Aside from the base fabric, brides like to add extra details, such as phoenix and dragon embroidery. Phoenix symbolizes the bride and the dragon symbolizes the groom; together symbolizing harmonious and happy marriage.

Red is the main color for Chinese wedding dresses since it symbolizes fortune and good luck on the wedding day. More casual Cheongsams come in three kinds of lengths:

  • knee-length or
  • floor-length
  • ankle length

When deciding what to wear as a Chinese wedding dress, you can’t go wrong with the Cheongsam. You can read the tips on choosing the right wedding dress to find the best one.

Cheongsam looks like

Cheongsam is a tight-fitting dress with a pair of high-side slits above the knee. The wedding dress varies in length and can be either short or long. It is often seen with short sleeves and sleeveless.

Many would say that Cheongsam is a presentable and very simple wedding dress because of the style. But, on a wedding day, it doesn’t matter how grandiose the wedding dress is. The most important thing is what the wedding dress symbolizes and the two important persons involved in the wedding ceremony matter the most.