Needs a Lawyer

In the Netherlands, an injunction can provide interim legal protection if a case is urgent. An injunction of this type may be required, for example, if irreversible effects threaten or a major infringement of your rights is imminent. You commence summary court procedures in the Netherlands with an application for an interim injunction, which safeguards your rights prior to a decision in the main proceedings. Our litigation attorney can provide further information regarding the injunction in the Netherlands.

Eilverfahren in den Niederlanden German-speaking lawyers in the Netherlands specialise in enforcement law and general Dutch procedural law and can advise and help you in the case of an application for a preliminary injunction. It is frequently necessary to move swiftly in order to secure claims and avert imminent infringements, particularly in the case of interim legal protection. A lawyer in the Netherlands can advise you on your legal rights and choices for interim legal protection, as well as help you petition for an injunction.

In the Netherlands, an application for an injunction can only be submitted if opposition or appeal processes are pending and there is an extremely urgent issue. As a result, an injunction is a separate procedure. Normally, your application for temporary legal protection will be processed.

If the court believes that the documents and records supplied by the parties are sufficiently clear, no hearing will be held if all parties do not choose to participate.

Needs a Lawyer

The court invites all parties to attend an oral hearing or hearing. The date and location of the hearing must be included in the invitation. The parties are not necessary to be present in person, but it might be useful because it allows them to express their reasons and discuss the case orally. Furthermore, the judge may ask questions and consider the replies in his ruling.

In addition to the ongoing lawsuit or appellate proceedings, an injunction is a separate procedure (so-called main proceedings). You ask the court for a “injunction” as part of this procedure. This means that a specific arrangement may be provided for the duration of the lawsuit or appeal processes. For example, a judgment that could have far-reaching consequences may be delayed until your case or appeal is resolved.