Ever found yourself feeling sick in the middle of  hotel lunch buffet because you are too full to continue eating? Are you worried that you havent eaten what you paid for?

Well, worry no more because we have the guide just for you! Allow us to give you some tips and tricks that will leave you satisfied and full- here they are:

1.  Try to go into the buffet on a empty stomach

In a buffet you are expected to eat until you cant anymore, so you should leave as much space in your stomach to accommodate for all the food that you will be eating.

Our best advise would be to skip breakfast when your lunch buffet is coming up. This helps in preparing yourself for the buffet so you can enter and eat your fill while also trying out everything they have to offer!

2.  Ignore the common foods

Common foods that you can eat daily are not worth what you paid for to be in that buffet. Instead, go for luxury foods that you can only eat sparingly.

Things like sushi, steak, caviar, as well as exotic and local foods that are special to that area. These will surely fill up your hunger while also giving you a chance to explore the cuisine they offer.

3.  Avoid the carbs

When you first enter the buffet on an empty stomach, it can be very tempting to go straight to rice or pasta section. But if you want to eat your fill, avoid them at all costs!

These types of food will make you full a whole lot faster. Try to limit your carb intake and focus on the proteins. If you really want to them, well, we are not stopping you. Do keep in mind that it would be better to only eat small portions of them so you can explore the foods offered by the buffet.

4.  Avoid rinking too much liquid

Similar to carbs, consuming too much liquid will also make feel full faster. Avoid drinks like soda and juices while eating because they will fill you up with no more room for the other good stuff.

Its best to just stick to a glass of water and drink only when needed.

5.  Post buffet tip

After the buffet, you may feel a bit sleepy because you have just eaten alot. This is what we call a “food coma.” To avoid this, you can do this very simple life hack:

Once you feel that you have eaten your fill and tried out everything the buffet has to offer, have a cup of coffee. This will have you leaving the buffet with a burst of energy and eliminates your drowsiness!


In the end, the point of a buffet is to eat,enjoy, and explore the cuisine. What is important is that once you leave that table, you are satisfied- and with our tips and tricks, you are sure to be just that! Happy eating!